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La puerta de enterada en calle Paris.
La puerta de enterada en calle Paris.
La puerta de enterada
plano/Dirrección  MundoAlfombras
  • Whether you are new to the world of oriental rugs or an enthusiast seeking an addition to your
    collection, we are sure you will find something to interest you in our store or at our Web Site. In
    addition to a comprehensive collection of antiques and contemporaneous Persian carpets & rugs we
    also supply a first class cleaning and restoration services; the site includes a number of sections
    informing you about the educational background to this fascinating subject.
  • Our shop not only has one of the most spectacular locations in Caracas but contains one of the best
    retail stocks of high-end, hand woven pieces in the country. Our rugs come in all sizes but in fact we
    have an unusually large stock of oversize carpets for larger homes.
  • The ranges of services we offer to prospective purchaser are designed to ensure that you get all the
    security and guarantees you need when making an investment of this sort. They include: A unique
    international search facility to find the rug that is right for you.
  • The opportunity to try out any rug of your choice 'in situ', to ensure you are pleased with every aspect
    of the product before you pay for it..
  • The right to exchange the rug should you decide it is not perfect for your needs.
  • The assurance that the price you pay is a fair one, offering good value in the light of your purchase.
  • Rapid delivery to any location in the world fully insured.
  • A guarantee of the provenance of the rug or the carpet you purchase.
  • Cleaning, Restoration and evaluation Services
  • My twenty-five years of experience in the business is also at your disposal to ensure you receive the
    very best personal service available. Full details are included in pages that await you, so please click
    on and enjoy your visit to our online store.

     Behzad Farivar.
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