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Books about oriental carpets.

Oriental Rugs: The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Identifying, and Enjoying New and Antique Oriental Rugs by
George w. O'Bannon
A history of rug and carpet making offers practical advice on assessing and buying Oriental rugs and carpets.
This book provides  a complete rug manufacturer's list, and is peppered with lavish photographs of Oriental rugs from Turkey,
Central Asia, Iran, China, and Tibet.

Oriental Carpet Design: A Guide to Traditional Motifs, Patterns and Symbols
by P. R. J. Ford
This book is indeed an excellent source of information for those who are interested in this fascinating subject and enjoy
collecting Oriental rugs, particularly Persian rugs.  It is extremely well illustrated with some very informative tips on each region,
and what to look for when buying Oriental rugs. Highly recommend for those who are interested in traditional
Oriental rug designs.

Tribal Rugs
by Jenny Housego
Regarded as the most authoritative work on tribal Oriental rugs, this book while showing readers superb examples of
tribal rugs, paints a fascinating picture of tribal life and the way in which they weave rugs. Housego also describes
the rich elements in the design or Oriental rugs as well as giving technical notes on the weaving or rugs.  
Includes bibliographical references (p. 21) and index.

Few points to consider while purchasing oriental rugs:
The Quality of any oriental rug basically depends on four important factors:
raw mater
ial, knot, density of pile, and dyes.
Density, is measured by measuring the number of knots through one square centimeter or inch. The range of knots can
vary in  each rug from the minimum of 20, to the maximum of 286 per square centimeter. The knot variation in different
rugs depend on factors such as quality of the raw material, craftsmanship and aim of the weaver. Any increase in knot count
will increase the production cost. Rugs with higher knot counts, cost a fortune and therefore often they are purchased for
investment or collection purposes.
Natural or synthetic dyes. Natural dyes are extracted from fruit, leaves, or vegetables, but due to high cost not all oriental
rugs are produced from natural dyes. Cheaper rugs are commonly made from artificial dyes such as aniline and chrome colors.
Different rugs for different use.  We recommend: for areas that are excessively used Bidjar, Saroug, or Hamadan
like entrances or hallways.
Special rugs, require especial care or maintenance, therefore you shouldn't placed them in areas that are excessively used.
Natural or synthetic fibers. Exclusive and finer rugs are without exception made from natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton.
Machine made or artificial rugs are commonly produced from synthetic fibers.
Best qualities are often produced from natural silk or wool called kork, kork or cork in Persian language means very fine wool.
Vacuum your rugs regularly but never excessively.
If you are vacuuming with a beater brush we suggest setting the brush so it just touches the top of the pile and moves
easily  across the rug, avoid the fringes.
If using vacuum with a carpet tool, ease the suction of the vacuum by adjusting it accordingly.
Be sure to periodically vacuum the back of the rug.
Rotate your rugs as often as you possibly can, probably every ½ year or so, is sufficient.
More frequently If you ever notice the high traffic areas are starting to look dirty or the nap has lost its original
look or colors have faded.
Rotating your rug will allow it to wear more evenly, enhancing and preserving the original appearance.
Also, rotate your rugs according to the amount of direct sunlight that they are exposed to. Over time, sunlight can fade the
dyes very rapidly.
Use pad to stabilize and give more protection to your rug.
We hope this information will be use full to you, if you need other information do not hesitate to contact us.
Recurses at your disposal: restoration and related services.
Value and certification of authenticity.
Servicio de restauracion y limpieza artesanal.
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Tabriz Mahi- colores muye suave- colores de tiera- Material: lana y seda- tamaño 300x400
Tabriz- mahi- tamaño 300x400 - Material: lana de ovejas decorado con seda.
Tabriz tamño 300x400  lana y seda.
Tabriz- retrato- tamño; 160x95 cm.    Precio: 8.850.000,00 Bs.
Tabriz tamaño 160x100    2.850.000,00 Bs.
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